Brewed With History and Hops

Abe Erb is about hard work

Brewed With History and Hops

It’s about independence. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It’s a work ethic not often found these days. A tried and true spirit that our people not only admire, but possess themselves. Abe Erb represents a time before technology saturated the earth, when things were handcrafted, and the only reward needed was an honest pint of beer. We’re here to do right by the old man. Blood, sweat and beers.

The Ol’ Story

The history of Waterloo County, Ontario, is much indebted to two Mennonite brothers, Abraham and John Erb, who in the early 19th century decided to leave Pennsylvania in search of new opportunity in the wilderness of Upper Canada.

Abraham’s role in the founding of Waterloo appears to have been important in two areas – early industry and pioneer education. With respect to industry, he was personally responsible for giving accommodation, training, or employment to a considerable number of Pennsylvania immigrants who found their way to his doorstep in the early part of the century.

Our Team, Our Rules

Our vision was created out of the pure enjoyment we have when friends, food and a few good drinks come together. We have always been beer lovers and knew, one-day, beer would become a passionate endeavour we would share with others.


We are a small brewery/pub located in the heart of Waterloo. Our focus is on a small craft selection of premium ales and lagers that can only be found in shop. Every batch is custom. Every beer must be clean and fresh. Every beer must be perfect.

Our Team is here to ensure you have the best experience possible. Whether you are looking to book a special event, get bellied up to the bar or are looking to enjoy a bite to eat our team is here to make you feel comfortable. With over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry we take your patronage as seriously as we take our beards and moustaches.


The Trifecta

Beer tastes a little better when the ambiance is just right. Our trifecta is the combination of beer, food and live entertainment, something completely
unique to us.

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So bring your grandma, your Uncle Bob and even your roommate from college. This is a place you can come to with your buddies after work, with your family for a special occasion or with your best friend for some late-night fun.


Our menu was created to enhance the flavours of our brews. From breakfast to late night we have you covered, so stop by anytime for something delicious. Oh! And if you would like to book your band with us send along your details and include a sample.

Let’s raise a glass to putting your stake down.