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1857 Kolsch-Style Lagered Ale
4.8% ABV 25 IBU / 473mL
Our rendition of the classic Cologne ale is light, easy-drinking, crisp, and refreshing. Features aromas and flavours from generous amounts of Pilsner malt, with soft bread & slight herbal notes.

American IPA - 6.3% ABV 60 IBU / 473mL
Delightfully juicy and dangerously crushable with citrus-forward flavour and balanced bitterness. Aromas of ripe honeydew and citrus, with notes of white grapefruit, clementine, sherbert, and pine.

Pale Ale - 6.0% ABV 45 IBU / 473mL
Offers plenty for hop lovers while a juicy, sweet, drinkable body shines through. Notes of white grapefruit, peach, and sweet berries with a subtle bready touch. Brewed with UK malts & American hops.

Abe Light
American Light Lager - 4.5% ABV 32 IBU / 473mL
A light lager with aromas of lemon, fresh bread, and a hint of resin. Flavours of biscuity malts with a soft lemon backing Clean, refreshing, and easy-drinking.


Block 3 - 6.5% abv / 473mL
B3’s Belgian style yeast strain with Mosaic and Citra hops gives huge tropical fruit aroma and flavour

The Loneliness w. Chocolate & Raspberry
Block 3 - 8.7% abc / 473mL
An intensely flavoured, dark ale featuring notes of raspberry, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee

Saison Dixieme
Block 3 - 10% abc / 473mL
A collaboration with Block 3 and their friend Victor North, formerly of Garden Brewers. Commemorating 10 years in business, this saison comes in at a hefty 10% abv, but dry as a bone and highly complex thanks to the addition of a special 10 spice blend, and love

Meuse - 6.5% abc / 375mL
Mixed culture sour ale aged for three years in oak barrels. Inspired by blended Lambics of Belgium; 2017 vintage

Meuse - 5.5% abc / 375mL
Barrel aged sour ale fermented by a blend of wild yeasts and bacteria. Inspired by Flanders red ales; 2017 vintage

Queen Of The Quarry
Elora Brewing Company - 4.2% abc / 330mL
This hazy, green tea latte pale ale is brewed with lactose, and its light strawberry and watermelon flavours compliment subtle herbal undertones

Elora Brewing Company - 5.1% abc / 330mL
Cranberry and orange infused Lodestar sour brings a festive punch, subtle tartness and juicy flavour

Cali Juice
Barncat Artisan Ales - 7% abc / 473mL
West coast IPA hopped with Citra

What Hops are In This?
Barncat Artisan Ales - 7.3% abc / 473mL
Version three of Barncat’s mystery hopped IPA series

All Weather Is Passing
Wellington Brewery - 7% abc / 473mL
IPA brewed with Norwegian Voss Kveik that imparts bright citrus notes, blending seamlessly with the Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops with a creamy body and huge hop aromas of peach and apricot

Pineapple Gose
Wellington Brewery - 4.2% abc / 473mL
This gose-style beer perfectly balanced tangy sour notes with the vibrant tropical flavours of fresh pineapple

KW Sparkling
KW Craft Cider - 6.7% abc / 473mL
Their flagship cider, tart, juicy and crisp

KW Cherry
KW Craft Cider - 6.4% abc / 473mL
The bold Wild Cherry cider is made with premium Niagara fruit and pours a beautiful amber colour with a fresh fruity taste and crisp cherry finish